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WARNING ! Do Not Change ANY ROUTER SETTINGS !  This Router Is Set Up To Factory Specifications !   

Changing Routers Factory Settings Will Void Your Router Warranty and Subscription !

    Call For Instructions If Needed !  

  Get More Info @ 1-833-333-WiFi  (9434)



Wifi Set Up :




4G LTE's WiFi Wireless Internet Device allows for you to connect over WiFi to access the internet, to get started, make sure

your new 4G LTE router is connected to power, 


Once  it is powered up it will display several green icons, On The Left a Round Power Icon,  A wifi Icon    and a signal bar icon  


 Now using your New Wireless Router, search for the Available Wireless (WiFi) Networks and make a Connection to Your Network , Your PC's ,

Tablets ,Readers and Cell Phone's ,  will Display

"ATT4G" this is Your New WiFi Networks Name. (SSID) .



 You will be required to provide your WiFi KEY this is also called a Wireless Password,

To Log Onto The Internet,  This can be found on the Bottom of your Router:


Upon a Successful WiFi Connection, you should be able to Access the Internet and Enjoy Your New Internet Service Immediately. 



Note:  Your Router Has A Processor and Needs The Cache Cleared Weekly for maximum Performance,  I Recommend A Power Strip Surge Protector To Protect Your Router And to Power Cycle Your Router Easily. (Turn on and Off) To Clear Its Cache...

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