Wifi Set Up (basic router only:)


4G LTE's WiFi Wireless Internet Device allows for you to connect over WiFi to access the internet, to get started, make sure

your new 4G LTE router is connected to power, 

Once  it is powered up it will display 4 green Lit icons, On The Left a Round Power Icon,  Next will be a Ping Icon, Then a  WiFi  Icon  and Last a Signal Icon.  

Now on Your Devices WiFi Settings you will see,

"4G-CPE" this is Your New WiFi Networks Name. (SSID) .

 You will be required to provide your WiFi KEY this is also called a Wireless Password To Log Onto The Internet,

 This can be found on the Bottom of your Router:

Upon a Successful WiFi Connection, you should be able to access the Internet and Enjoy your new Internet Service Immediately. 

Note:  Your Router Has A Processor and Needs The Cache Cleared Weekly for Maximum Performance,  I Recommend A Power Strip Surge Protector To Protect Your Router And to Power Cycle Your Router Easily, (Turn Off and On)  to clear its Cache...



 Password will be sent by Text or Email,  Router Set-Up Instructions,  Please Download this App,  Speedtest.net by Ookla  ( You will find it in your cell phones play store.) 

 To Optimize your Router,  Keep the Antennas almost straight up and slightly tilt them back against a wall or window in the Direction and Closest Point Facing the Nearest Cellular Tower,

 then take a speed test.   Reposition the Router a Few Feet Away,  Take Another Speed Test,  Test it in Several Locations, 

When you find the Best Position where your getting the Highest Speeds Inside your Residence , Leave it There.  We

 Recommend to put the Router on a Surge Protector ASAP, in Case of Lightning or Electrical Spikes.  Power Cycle it Once a Week to Clear its Cache.  If your Router has Removable Antennas,

the 2.4 Antennas are Port Specific and Marked as Such, The rest our interchangeable .  With Our Service Many Clients have Cut the Cord !  Including Us ! 

For TV programs. Buy a 4k Firestick on Amazon, Best Buy , Target  Etc. for around  $49 and Stream TV !   That’s it !  

Call or Text me with any Questions or Concerns !  Your Start Date is the Date of Purchase,  The Form of Payment you

used to Purchase, will be Auto Debited Every Thirty Days. 

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